Race Office Bergen

Before the race Bergen - Lerwick the race office will be at Bergens Seilforening, Hjellestadvegen 247, 5259 Hjellestad.

The official Notice Board will be placed outside the Race Office.
The Race Office is open: Tuesday 26th June 17:00 - 18:00.
It is important that all boats have a representative in place so we can that all formalities are in place.
Trackers and various effects will be handed out.

Please meet up in reasonable time so that race office activities are finished in time for Skippers Meeting.
Following link will show in the map where to find Shetland Race 2017 Race office:
Gulesider map


10 nyeste påmeldinger

Askøy Seilforening

NOR 12212

Morten Offerdal

Nordhordland Seilforening

NOR 7871

Terje Sætre

Ran Seilforening

NOR 14865

Nina Rosenlund

Nordhordland Seilforening

NOR 11312

Kjell Hansen

Molde Seilforening

NOR 9558

Stig Waagbø

Askøy Seilforening

NOR 14445

Kenneth Midttun

Nordhordland Seilforening

NOR 9000

Jan-Åge Langeland

Os Seilforening

NOR 14452

Per Aga

Søgne Seilforening

NOR 11261

Ketil Hauge

Trondhjems Seilforening

NOR 10824

Odd Erik Dahlen

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